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Hartland Ministry Report Magazine

Our program will be entirely different. It will be based on a Seventh-day Adventist biblical worldview. Each course will emphasize the integration of the Spirit of Prophecy,
I Will Go at Hartland College is all about equipping professional missionaries.
"The last rays of merciful light, the last message of mercy to be given to the world, is a revelation of his character of love..."
I just returned from Istanbul, Turkey, where we prayed and fellowshipped with “Waldensian” missionaries, church leaders, and self-supporting ministry leaders.
Joan Midori Hirabayashi Reichard was born in Hawaii on February 7, 1951, and passed to her rest in her home at Hartland on March 2, 2024
Second-year and first-year campers share their PBC 2023 experiences.
Strong endorsement and gratitude are expressed to Hartland College for upholding the Bible and the mission of God's remnant church.
After a three-year hiatus, Hartland Institute again held its annual weeklong camp for youth, ages 12–17.
Giving and Receiving Blessings —Internationally!
Learning, knowledge, and development result from relationships.
We welcome our Wellness Center’s new administrative coordinator, Yolanda Seban.
The story of how God brought a prodigal from Africa to Hartland.
Introducing this year's spring graduates
Taking a moment to remember Johny and Nancy Carmouche
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